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Jasmine Binson

Jasmine First started her career, after her Senior college basketball season ended at Tougaloo College in Jackson, MS. Jasmine Became the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Tougaloo College, developing a deep love for helping athletes get better.  Jasmine then begins to move over to each realm of training helping individuals achieve their goals from the youth to the elderly.  Jasmine Is known for her amazing “body sculpting” workouts and believes there is a method to Fitness Training and it all starts with the mind.

Jasmine has trained over 500 clients within her career as a fitness studio owner/trainer.  Jasmine’s method for training is simple, “Connecting the mind and the body to create your reality.

Experience: 13 Years Certified (CPT | SCC)
Area of focus: Stretch Therapy, Athletic Training
Hobbies: Playing Basketball
Age: 36

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